Welcome to Suboski Web Design's ordering system, a demonstration of easy and fun online ordering.

Unlike other approaches, this approach is very fast to load and respond, so much so that it is fun to use.

This demo uses the example of food, but the ordered items could be anything: car parts, household items, flowers.

An order can be for immediate pickup, as in takeout, or can be deferred and edited over time, as in a catered event.

Try it: as you choose items in the left frame, a price quote will appear here.

You may also move around the site by selecting categories in the top frame.

This page allows an opportunity for general promotional details.

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This demonstration has been kept deliberately graphically simple, to better demonstrate rather than distract from the functionality of the interface.

Any actual instance of the menu would be branded with company logos, colors and styles. What's really cool is that this new system can be added to any existing site with the inclusion of a single 'tab' on the main page.

This demo shows that the basic idea is sound and effective. As my customer, you are paying only to have your products slotted into an existing template - the finished product is functionally fully developed.

Development Notes

* saved lists will need prices re-factored before an order can be confirmed - > therefore any saved order will need to be refactored before an order can be confirmed

* saved lists can suggest meal choices, similar to combinations, but also extended to a 'dinner for three' notion as in an Asian restaurant

* Certain items, such as a cheeseburger, have sub-details, in the example, pickles, lettuce, ketchup, etc. This can be accomplished with a details interface - > technically, each menu item would have an options list associated with it, presented as check-boxable items.